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Robert Foot, 3 April 2000

Robert William Foot OBE 1969-2002

Robert was working as a political adviser for the Ministry of Defence in war-torn Sierra Leone when he first became ill. He was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia which is rarely found in adults, and in whom it is difficult to treat successfully. He lived with the illness for over 2 years in the manner in which he had lived his life up to that point - with determination, spirit, and courage.

Robert had previously worked in Bosnia, had travelled widely, played and watched sport with enthusiasm and expertise, and had a love of music and literature.

When given his terminal diagnosis Robert married Kath, played cricket, and with the support of his wife, family and friends, embarked upon further treatment in an attempt to survive his leukaemia.

Robert died on the 5th November 2002, with the skies outside his room filled with fireworks.

News Updates

Total raised by Robert Foot Leukaemia Fund has now passed £180,000
Further details are available here

Guy's/St Thomas'
After a long, long wait we have been assured by the Chief Executive of Guy's/St Thomas' that the Teenage and Young Adults (TYA) Cancer Unit will be started this year. The Trustees had given notice that, without a commitment to a start date, we would reluctantly have to request a return of the money donated by the Fund.

Addenbrokes CelebrationWendy and Mike were recently invited to Addenbrokes hospital to celebrate th 5th birthday of the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit. We were able to present a cheque for £6,600 to further update the facilities in the unit.

Shouldham Ward
£4,400 to refurbish the Quiet Room and provide overnight facilities for relatives of cancer patients.

More Recipes For Rob
Following the success of 'Recipes For Rob';. Monika, the dietitian, asked Mike and Wendy to consider the publication of a second book: 'More Recipes For Rob - with a healthy twist'. This is now under way. Recipes for possible inclusion will be welcomed by Mike and Wendy on mikeandwendyfoot@btinternet.com

The book will not be a diet/weight loss book. Instead it will consist of healthy recipes - low on fat sugar - that will be suitable for all, but especially for people experiencing or recovering from treatment for cancer/leukaemia.
UPDATE: Having come to a stuttering halt on plans for a healthy eating cookery book following Mikes stroke, Wendy is now hoping to restart the project. Again, any recipes with a healthy twist would be very gratefully received.


On 4th March 2018, Wendy and four friends will be cooking a roast pork Sunday Lunch in Walpole St Peter Parish Hall at a cost of £8 per person. We hope to raise a significant sum for the fund.

This is a collection of 24 poems by Tony Brown, long-time Foot family friend and supporter of RFLF. The book costs £5, with all money from sales of the book being donated to RFLF. 'Heading Off To Damascus' is available from Mike and Wendy Foot on 01945 780468

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